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Kagi Omiya is a rather bubbly individual on the CC Corporation Forums. She is known for making more than 200 posts in her first day, as well as being able to derail any topic if she is sleep-deprived or just hyper. This effervescent personality can be attributed to her belief that there is good in all people, though she has exceptions to that belief.

Kampfer1KAGI copyFINAL
The World Name(s) Kagi
Current Level 1
The World Class(es) Twinblade
Guild(s) R.O.S.E.S.
Forum Name Kagi Omiya
Gender Female


Kagi first joined the CC Corporation Forums on December 10th, 2009 at 11:03:01 PM, Central Standard Time (-6 Hours). She accrued 500 posts in her first week alone, however her posting has dramatically dropped since then. After a short ban for spam, her posts have been on topic and relevant as much as they can be. However, that doesn't mean that nonsense will not drag her away from the point of a topic. She intends to become a regular player of The World, and hopefully will become the beacon of fun, bubbly hope that her closest friends know her to be.

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